Benefits Leaves Cats Whisker To Treat Disease

Leaves Cats Whisker

Cat’s whiskers are part of a species of medicinal plants that are always found in the garden of traditional medicine. This was caused by the benefits of cat whiskers leaves very much to support the health of the body. Cat’s whiskers itself is a plant which can be regarded as a typical plant Indonesia. Therefore, get a cat whiskers is also very easy, especially when you grow it yourself because these plants otherwise rather difficult to find in the market.

Benefits Leaves Cats whiskers for Healing

benefit-leaf-mustache-kucingDaun cat whiskers and benefits are part of the information that should be known if you had some kind of disease. Some of them are even already understood by the traditionalists for example, is a disease cough, constipated disease, lumbago disease, illness or colds.

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Of course the benefits leaves cat whiskers to treat diseases such trivial remains an important thing to note in particular because although trivial but these diseases passable disturbing.

In addition, the benefits of cat whiskers leaves can also be taken to treat several diseases classified as severe. One of them for example kidney stones. How to create a recipe is to boil a few leaves cat whiskers and then drink it regularly.

The usual dose is one drink every time. The dose should be taken at least twice a day. Since the cat’s whiskers as a variety of other traditional medicinal plants that have no side effects, then the cat’s whiskers can be taken also with doses more than usual.

In addition, for women, the benefits leaves cat whiskers will also be very helpful, especially when they experience vaginal discharge. How to create a recipe is to boil the leaves cat whiskers are mixed with some other material.

Natural Way to Overcome the Black Spots on the Face

Natural way to overcome the black spots on the face – Black spots is a medical illness most commonly experienced by a woman. Spotting the face is a stain or brown or blackish spots are usually symmetrical, located on the face due to excessive skin pigmentation. Plaques can occur in some parts of the body, especially in the face.

natural way to overcome the black spots on the face

natural way to overcome the black spots on the face is by using a mask made from natural ingredients and healthy life by keeping your diet, sleep patterns and lifestyle. So between health, beauty and routines can go hand in hand.
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mask yam
Masks mengan yam can naturally overcome the black spots on the face. Enough with yam blender, then smear on the face to black spots on the face faded. Use fruits that are still fresh and in good condition, because if not addressed, could have skin will itch. Use a mask regularly 10x 1x week during regular use, usually can fade spots on the face.

Banana peel and peel papaya
Banana peel and peel papaya is also one way that is effective and easy to do which by applying the skin papaya and banana peels on the face that there are black spots on the face. Do it regularly in order to obtain maximum results that you will get a white face and naturally clean without stain or black spots.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties, which can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin lighter. Rub fresh lemon juice to the dark spots and leave the juice for about 10min before flushing. Repeat this treatment three times a week. Lemonmengering juice out of the skin and make it hypersensitive to sunlight, so it is important to follow this treatment with moisturizers and sunscreen.

Sandalwood oil
Sandalwood is the best antiseptic and also acts as an anti-aging agent. You can create a package at home with some sandalwood powder, glycerin, rose water and lemon juice. After inisetiap day will remove the black spots on the skin. Massaging the affected skin areas with sandalwood oil, once at night and leave it overnight untukhasil better.

Which Preferred, Traffic Many or the First Page On Google For Business Ingredients?


If we think about which is more impressive about the online business, then we need to first talk about the marketing model that we will use. Surely is internet marketing. Then, in internet marketing, which one would we target, reproduce traffic or create a site we are on the main page of google.

Actually, of the two options are equally important and interconnectedness. Why? Because if we are already using internet marketing, we will learn the name by adding the number of visitors, so that our online business site is more widely known by others. Of the many online sites that exist in cyberspace, only a few are known to us. How can it be like that? Because for which the site is already known means that they have applied internet marketing well.

Strategy success of an online business is the number of visitors to the site. Google will quickly boost the ranking on our website when the site became a favorite place we visited. Is also affected domain? Actually, to look for a lot of customers and also make our site to be number one not be a problem, but the issue is the speed of access to a domain will we choose and use in the online sites.

Some domains will droop when visitors come is a lot, so it makes people who visit these sites become lazy wait and switch to another online business site. In other words, every single person who switched from our site it will make a loss of one percent and certainly will reduce the comer. Thus, those of us who want to still exist in the business world, try to clever in choosing our online website domain. So there is no problem in the access speed and also no word wait too long that caused it were not for the Internet, but it is due to the slow domain is accessed.

Then, to choose which one should be prioritized in the online business, which is among the many visitors to our site and also the location of the site on the main page, then the answer is both. From both of these options are very sustainable, so that those of us who are already active in the virtual world, are expected to master the techniques to attract visitors that web page we are on the main page of search engines like google or bing or yahoo.

Then can we use the services of advertising such as Jasa Iklan Google to optimize both aspects of the online business? Surely it is possible, because the advertising services provided by google, will certainly get good suggestions from google, google site so we became friendly as well as user friendly. Therefore, a site that allows users to operate it will be under-united by google.

5 ways to Make Home a haven of stress Relievers

The House is often regarded as the place where the heart should be and usually House into a place that you love most. But what if the House does, in fact, become a place that makes you stress?

Here are five ways to make your home just like heaven deduction even busting a sense of fear.

1. Tidy up room in your home

To ensure you do not stress, could start by tidying up of everyday items in the House. Start with one of the rooms the most specific.

The other way in smoothing the room is to create a place to put stuff that you need. Also, it also provides convenience when you search for the item.

2. Clean the air inside the home environment

Use the cleanup tool to eliminate toxins that are inside the House. Your home is one of the places are full of toxic chemicals, particularly from households.

You can use filters to air high quality suitable for heating or air which can also directly from the tolerance to toxins in your home.

3. Keep planting crops

Research proves, filling your home with plants can reduce stress. If it does not have a lot of time taking care of plants, you can plant crops that can live with a bit of attention such as succulents.

After that, you can be balanced the existence of plants with colors, patterns, textures and more. In addition to reducing stress, plants also play a role in creating the clean air and expel toxins in the air.

4. create a unique space to bring peace

In a House, there are one spot or room that makes you comfortable, relaxed, and feel full of peace.

If it is there, then you have to develop it, so no longer need a vacation just to only seeking peace and happiness.

5. use a good Explanation

Lights or Lighting is often too faint and too bright. The key to this is to make Your lighting when inside the House still feels warm.

Usually, it is done by using a halogen lamp. However, natural lighting is the best energy on Earth. euro 2016

But unfortunately, it would not be so affected for those of you who have a House with a window away from sunlight.

Five Inspiring fill the void under the stairs

The bottom of the ladder may be underutilized. You can see an example in the Harry Potter films. The young wizards spend all his childhood living in a narrow space under the stairs.

In addition to being the area of “emergency”, the bottom of the stairs can also have a variety of other functions. Here’s some inspiration of how to fill the empty spaces under the stairs:

1. If the stairs are located not far from the entrance, this is the perfect solution. You can make the space under the stairs as a place to store jackets, umbrellas, and shoes.

2. You can use the area under stairs cupboard as foodstuffs, especially dried foods and cooking equipment.

To add storage space, you can also add a stroller in it.

3. Make the space under the stairs as a diminutive sitting room. When necessary, the surrounding walls can be transformed as a bookshelf. In this way, you could have a small “library” under the stairs.

With a shelf under the stairs, you not only can put the books, but also add embellishments.

4. Make the area below the ladder as a playground for children. Leave it open so that you can easily keep an eye on them.

When not in use, you can make it a place to store toys. Also, make the space under the stairs became the “House” for your child is also a good idea.

If you don’t have kids, you can make the area under the stairs as the diminutive workspace. In addition to saving places, spaces under the stairs that impressed closed are also ideal to focus your mind on the job.

You also can use the bottom of the stairs as the diminutive sitting room.

5. you can use the area below the ladder as a small room. Preferably, make sure those small rooms just function as a spare bathroom that is not entirely functional. That means, You only provide the sink and closet to keep it dry.

The importance of “Traveling”, this Holiday Effect on the body

The HOLIDAY was very pleasant, but we often forget about our bodies when to go on vacation. However, the body that fit will support our holiday trip or travel to the maximum.

Well, here’s what we have to know how the body changed before, during, and after the holidays:

1. In Physiology, the holiday is a gift for the body

The first is about happiness. In 2002, there was a study that found that a simple vacation after planning, can make someone happier than when returning home from vacation.

After that, the holidays also impact on heart health. People who vacation regularly have little chances of having heart disease. In fact, vacationers can increase the blood and immune system.

2. Give the brain hormone hunting that makes the world a new look

Back from vacation let alone in a long time, it will make us feel like falling in love. When it comes to home or home where we lived, we can see it more meaningful and colorful.

This can happen because we are just exploring a new place that is different and more challenging. Reported by The Chicago Tribune, a neuropsikolog, Paul Nussbaum said that when the brain is exposing new environment, then the secaa real brain will react.

3. Generate new ideas, which will be beneficial to our activities

With a holiday, then the brain will change and make us be better in coping with everyday life or solve the problem, including in the workplace, family, and more. Our creativity will be honed in the long term.

A study even suggests people who have studied overseas, 20 percent more likely to solve the problem.

4. The holidays are an emotional victory

Also turned out to go on vacation concerning our relations with family and friends. The study, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and mention of the highest level of happiness associated with quality time spent with a few loved ones around us.

In fact, when we remember the memories first along with loved ones can also increase happiness.

5. Increase the sleep time

Work or daily activities may have made us less time getting enough sleep, so we have a “sleep debt”. Schedule a relaxing vacation lets us sleep debt paid.

Not only that, but it will also help us establish healthy sleep habits for years. Try to use the holidays as a time fix a good sleep pattern, including trying the gadget doesn’t play 30 minutes before bed. kumpulan kata bijak

Unconsciously vacations do matter, and we should get only a few days. By no means should a holiday luxury, the most important is that we feel the happiness and comfort of travel during the holidays.

Post-Turkey bombings, there has been no cancellation of Tourist Visits Indonesia

Post-bomb blast in Turkey has not occurred to the cancellation of the visit Indonesia to tourist the country. It is expressed by some travel agents Indonesia, Tuesday (7/6/2016).

Director Marketing Buraeu, Rudiana, said until now there has been no cancellation of the trip to Turkey. However, the things that affected vulnerable Turkey bomb was the plan cancellation booking group tours to Turkey.

“From (some) other travel agents, there is already a question. Is it still safe to depart? If for cancellation does not yet exist, “Rudiana when you call KompasTravel, Wednesday (8/6/2016) morning.

Meanwhile, Manager of Media Communications for PT Panorama & Setrawisata, Christine Lie Hartati told KompasTravel also added, linked bomb blast in Turkey, has not occurred to the cancellation of trips tourists Indonesia origin. Currently, travelers who have booked travel packages to the new Turkey only asking about form in Turkey post-bomb blast.

The same is also experienced by Dwidaya Tour. Marketing Communication Manager Dwidaya Tour Yanty Wijaya says the incidence of the explosion in Turkey does not affect tourists visit Turkey.

“So far the hell there is no influence on the Dwidaya Tour Yes. A customer also no one has to cancel a tour there, “said Yanty when you call KompasTravel.

But, nevertheless, the customer Dwidaya Tour also remain alert with bombings in Turkey. According to Yanty, some clients ask about security conditions to Turkey so far.

As reported earlier, bombs, the powerful high explosive that hit a police bus near Istanbul, Turkey, has killed at least 11 people, Tuesday (7/6/2016).

Seven among the fatalities were policemen, and the other four were civilians. According to the television report Turkey, 36 people were injured with three of them in critical condition, as reported by the news agency Agence France-Presse.

A bomb targeting a police transport boss anarchist who is crossing the District of Beyazit, not far from the Centre of souvenir stores, and Office of the Governor of Istanbul, Vasip Sahin.

Tricks Play Games not Lag in Android without Root

Many Android users take advantage of his gadget for playing games while in a state of saturation or waiting for something. Because the play time will not be passed. Play Store is available in many games that you can download for free, from start game HD (High Definition) or small games. However, most consumers prefer HD game has sharp graphics than games that have a standard graphics.

But the obstacles will be encountered by the user when playing a HD game is Lag or broken. Obviously not very uncomfortable if you’re playing a game screen of his broken. Actually there are several factors that cause lag when playing games on Android. One is the capacity of the GPU (Garphics Prosessing Unit) and RAM capacity that is in use on a smartphone. If the GPU and RAM on smartphones passes seems an almost impossible game you can play Modern Combat class or GTA San Andreas Clash of clans on your smartphone.

Play the game does not lag on Android 

Android is the OS smart but we can adjust it so that it can be what we want. There are several ways you can do so no lag when playing games on Android. I will give tricks for users of non-root and root users already on his smartphone. Below are some easy ways.
1. How To Not Lag When Playing Game in Android (No Root):
For those users who are not yet in smartphonen its root, you can deactivate all social media applications and system applications that consume enough RAM memory space when playing games. As an example of BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and others that are installed on your device.

The trick Manager go to Settings >> Apps >> All and look for applications that do not need to run, and then select Force Quit. At least it will stop until you start it again. To deactivate these applications RAM memory space then you will be relieved, and certainly lag when playing the game will be reduced. 

2. How To Not Lag When Playing Games on Android (Root):
For the user’s smartphone is already at the root may be very easy to get rid of lag or broken when playing games on Android. Because you can use a third party application named GameBooster 3 datap you to download for free via Google Play more

Steps Using GameBooster 3 Games Online : 

1. Download the first GameBooster 3 in Play Store.
2. Run the application. If SuperSU permission root access please select “Allow”.
3. Selanjuntya select “START NOW”.

main game tidak lag gamebooster 3

4. If you play a game that will be very heavy, you can select “ULTRA BOOST”.


main game tidak lag gamebooster 3

5. Then you will swallow your game play. Boosting the process will start.

coc boster

6. Done.

Well, now you can enjoy your favorite game without lag and broken. Such reviews are a few tricks to avoid lag when playing games on Android without complicated without root. Good luck and hopefully useful

The public and the terror of Sexual Violence Amplification

I wish all the friends of my akun facebook appreciate that his name is the fulfillment of the rights of victims and ethics. Anyone who shares/upload of casualties a complete autopsy, the results of a complete chronology, or other things that should not have been uploaded/shared will my report, “so the contents of the outpouring of the heart, a Facebook user.

That day, it could be M very upset with his partner in a social media upload, or even re-uploading, a certain amount of material related to the events of sexual violence.

In the next sentence, he uses a sequence of uppercase and exclamation to criticize comfortable people to upload pictures, text, and graphics depicting the impact or the process of sexual assault.

M a public appetite to exist point is one cause of someone uploading material into social media, without considering the possible effects.

Not a long drink of it, Yosep Adi Joon met with some activists of the National Commission of women in Central Jakarta. The Chairman of the Press Council was paying attention to the results of research conducted by the National Commission of women about the tendency of preaching sexual violence cases.

According to the National Commission of women, as reported by some media, the Tempo.Co-examined still mentions the identity of the victims and perpetrators of the identity of minors.

Then, some media tend to mix fact and opinion. While others dare to sadistic and obscene information indulgence in sexual violence in the news.

End of the discussion it is a commonality of intention between the press and the Board of the women’s National Commission to create guidelines for journalists who cover or make news about sexual assaults.

The press is a cause of problem

The attitude of the Press Council and the National Commission of women is not wrong. Their intention to draw up guidelines for journalists is also not an exaggeration. Quite the contrary, the intention was to be supported.

Justification it at once to be a recognition that the media, including the press category entry, thus becoming a cause of the problem.

As a cause of taro, the press may be the party that gives rise to the occurrence of an act of evil.

What news about blood and sensuality who met with lust appeared in social media is collaboration. Sensational news coverage is often followed by the spread of the news on social media.

Therefore, it is not wrong if there are guidelines for journalists who are covering the sexual violence. It’s like rooting out mushrooms with Unplug up to the root.

As an editorial guideline must be the idea of the Press Council and the National Commission of women, that refer to the code of ethics of journalism.

The code of conduct Article 5 States: “the journalist did not mention Indonesia and identity crime victims broadcast decency and not mention the status of children who become perpetrators of evil.”

Article means the word “character” it is all data and information that concerns a person who makes it easy for others to keep track of.

Thus, identity is not just simply a name. Regarding sexual violence, identity must be meant as everything that is related to the victim, such as age, or physical description, address, and so on.

In fact, if expanded, would like any information about the family of the victim can also be categorized as the identity of the victim.

If the news coverage about the identity of the victim only needs to be considered, then the conditions of violence and the victim must be haram to be exposed in the news.

It is from the side of the victims. The same thing also applies to perpetrators of sexual crimes, especially those who are still children. The journalistic code of ethics States, those aged less than 16 years of entry categories.

The perpetrator under must has a special treat in the form of obscuration identity, while legal proceedings continue to run correctly.


Pointing fingers press as a cause of sexual violence terror taro did no wrong.

However, it would be better if the Press Council consider the fact of its existence in the middle of the flow of information that is not unstoppable. The press is now not living in a vacuum.

The development of digital technology and the internet into the cause of the flow of information that is “uncontrollable” it. Someone could easily share digital information through social media accounts.

In fact, a person can quickly “digitize” analog information, then pass it through the internet. The information is not unethical about sexual violence is one of them.

Set up hundreds, even thousands, of the institution of the press is not easy. And certainly, it would never finish by making a guideline.

Therefore, the Board of the press and activists should design a complete package, namely the guidelines for journalists and literacy for the public.

Current public not just is consumers. Federal role as a manufacturer of the messages became increasingly evident in the era of new media.

In certain cases, the public message applies even bad mood of terror, including sexual violence. Therefore, the public should also be the target of literacy by the press. baju muslim

These institutions need to make the public more sensitive to news coverage in violation of ethics. As such, they will be able to sort out the information before speaking through social media or other media.

Later, the public also needs to be involved in a breach of journalistic ethics complaint process. In this case, the complaints procedure should run literacy.

If this is done, the success of the double will be achieved, i.e. Press Indonesia to become more healthy since it works by ethical guidelines, the press Indonesia to be more careful because the public join the monitor directly, and the public became sensitive and not original uploading information in a haphazard.

The Press Council is indeed formed to regulate the press of which there are thousands. This noble task, but it will be like building a thousand temples overnight if it is only done in a vacuum.

Healthy living and So healthy is About Persistence and consistency

Heard the term ‘ kung fu ‘ (in other versions also written ‘ gong fu ‘) our mind automatically switched to film a showdown a la Bruce Lee or Jacky Chen. A shootout event action indulgence tension at once Wily.

Martial skills tend to seem so magical the Swordsman can jump the exceeds the height of the body, and perched on the roof of the House.

Lived had lived the Chinese characters ‘ kung fu ‘ turns out to have a profound understanding of the meaning of kung fu practitioner.

Kung ‘ itself is composed of two symbols which mean constant work, full persistence, consistency and seriousness which leads to achievement.

The ‘ Fu ‘ is the form of the results of the work of human skill without stopping it, the product of mastery. And the results of perseverance impeccably.

Understanding the ‘ kung fu,’ one of the great if amazed us centered on the result, be human-human Galaxy nimble naughty the face of the enemy.

That should have been longer for the duration of the film is a journey of hard work honed a kung fu master.

One movement only has persisi that fit between the breath and the next hand swing takes practice for weeks, even months. That’s just one movement. Called kick! There is no diversion of attention. All the beats of life, every day based on practice, practice and practice.

A candidate master observes how differences are training results when she is angry or resigned. Indeed, he does not confront anyone. Only himself.

The difficulty against yourself

In my career guide patients who he said want healthy, above similar principles to do it once. Most patients come in with grandiose intentions ‘ healthy ‘ want to.

Freed from the shackles of the ailment which obliged him to take drugs for life or lose weight around 20 kilos. The focus is to be the result. The display of the self as could sudden change such as mutant super power in animated film.

Fascinating to observe how people want a healthy reaction that when first heard early exposure to a long journey that should take. There is a right spirit and drain the contents of the refrigerator of inconsequential and replace them with healthy food. Anyone glancing at his running mate as if waiting for approval.

Often, some are turning morose assess doctor extreme even bitchy. In fact, the existing health wherever to teach people to eat vegetables and fruit as well. The difference is, the current living pakem. Complementary information lets me not blamed. But, I make it a real and plausible.

Will be very fanciful, if they bring each mirror and wonder why their reactions varied.

Sometimes I fell pity to those who complained. Indeed, the journey there is for the living. In fact, enjoyed the beauty and its benefits.

Not rated, what if this, what if so. Made just yet. But every day can still eat chicken soup, enjoy the cook varied, tasty soup-delicious, food coconut milk once in a while, even eating in a restaurant with healthy choices.

One thing that apparently triggers a sensitive product: when their addiction of the consumption list. Without them even knowing, that addiction causes precisely why the problem occurred.

Break away from something that was already attached to it was not easy. It attached to that is a distraction, alias redirects the focus of goals to achieve.

Therefore, the same as kung fu, being healthy is not such as to reverse the hand – let alone learned overnight from the book a practical guide.

Knowledge of health doesn’t automatically make someone so healthy or live a healthier life. Everything is about persistence and consistency.