The Age Of The Younger Heart Disease Sufferer

The Age Of The Younger Heart Disease Sufferer
The Age Of The Younger Heart Disease Sufferer

A recent study that will be announced at the 2003 American College of Cardiology’s 65th Annual Scientific Session in April of the coming age, find the people who is experiencing the worst kind of heart attack became younger and fatter in the last two decades.

These groups tend to smoke, have high blood pressure, and diabetes, according to researchers of all these risk factors can actually be prevented to avoid heart attacks.

“Overall, the medical workers have done a tremendous efforts in improving the quality of treatment for heart disease, but this study shows that we’ve necessarily do better business on the side of prevention,” said study author Dr. Samir Kapadia, an interventional cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

“When people come to do a routine heart examination, it is important to stress in patients on the importance of reducing risk factors through weight reduction, eating a healthy diet, and physically active.”

In the study, researchers analyzed the risk factors of cardiovascular disease in over 3,900 patients treated for deadly heart attack between 1995 and 2001. A heart attack occurs, when one of the heart’s main artery completely blocked by plaque, which stop blood flow.

If people experience attack and received immediate medical attention, there is a chance to stay alive, but overall, the attacks had a risk of death and disability.

The researchers then divided the heart attack patient medical record collected during 20 years into four groups, each representing a span of five years.

They found that five-year span between the first and the span of the next five years, the average age of patients who have heart attacks are increasingly deadly memuda which is about 4 years earlier, for example, of most age 64 years to 60 years.

Whereas, obesity among patients increased from 31 to 40 percent. Researchers also found that the percentage of heart attack patients who have diabetes increased from 24 be 31 percent, and the percentage of patients with high blood pressure increased from 55 be 77 percent.

In addition, the number of heart attack patients who smoke increased from 28 percent to 46 percent. And the number of patients with three or more risk factors has increased from 85 percent being 65.

Many factors increase a person’s risk of experiencing various types of heart attacks like the lifestyle. But these factors can be prevented by increasing exercise, quit smoking, and eating a healthy diet.

Snoring and heart disease connection

Snoring and heart disease connection
Snoring and heart disease connection

Those who have undergone coronary angioplasty therapy to open the blockage or constriction of the blood vessels are advised to undergo the treatment of snoring.

According to a group of researchers from the Hospital Center of Kobe, Japan. It was found that if the snoring and breathing disorders during sleep, patients who have undergone coronary artery blockages are at risk of having a heart attack or stroke until doubled. manfaat sit up

Why? Snoring is a sign of the onset of narrowing the breath while sleeping. As a result the channel breather clogged and periodically resulting in decreased oxygen levels.

Sleep apnea or stop breathing during sleep occur when somebody pendengkur sleep. Between the snoring noise ceased, and breath seemed heavy. The current channel is clogged, and breath sufferers as if smothered in sleep.

In these conditions the oxygen plummeted. Because of the tightness, the sufferer will choke to take breath suddenly. If seen sleep brain waves, pendengkur woke up briefly without waking.

Imagine if this happened repeatedly throughout the night. As a result, fluctuating oxygen and pendengkur process cuts his sleep. Pendengkur will feel fresh and not constantly sleepy throughout the day although the duration of sleep enough. This is called by hipersomnia, excessive sleepiness.

The process of terbangun-bangun and down the rise of oxygen will trigger an inflammatory response that is damaging to the health of the heart.

Stop breath on sleep apnea can be varied throughout the night. Ten seconds to tens of seconds. Imagine how destructive condition of ceasing the breath while sleeping.

Research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association June 2016, see data from 241 patients who had the blockage of the artery opening procedure control of the heart. They all then live examination which recorded the air flow and functions of breath while sleeping. Found 52.3 percent of patients also suffer from sleep apnea.

The patients were followed for 5 years. A number of 21.4 percent of the snoring naturally turns out to be an attack on the blood vessels of the heart or the brain, compared with 7.8 per cent on non pendengkur. Meanwhile, the risk of death was found to be increased up to three times as much on pendengkur.

The experts closing publications with an appeal to let the doctors started to evaluate the habits of sleeping patients with heart problems and stroke. Not hard, just ask the mendengkurnya habits alone. Usually the patients spouse immediately said yes.

Traveling Safe for Business

One of thing that you notice when you travel with a seasoned business traveler is that they have habits worked out after dozens of business trips to make sure they don’t have trouble on the road. Learning to be safe in this world has to become second nature for all of us. When you learn to drive a car, its second nature to buckle your seat belt and check your blind spot when you change lanes. But early in your life as a driver, you learned the need for those precautions, sometimes the hard way.

We don’t want to learn the rules of traveling safe on business trips the hard way. When you are on the road for business, you are just as susceptible to danger or accidents as any tourist. The difference is that as you have become “professional” at traveling to accomplish your business goals. And those safety measures that you have to focus on at first become second nature. Let’s look at some key safety precautions that must become part of that discipline of travel.

Avoiding crowds goes a long way toward taking you out of situations where thieves might lurk. Not only that, it makes life on the road so much easier. Check in lines may be one of the most frustrating rituals we have to go through as we travel. And it is a place where thieves can “case” you because you have your luggage there, you often open your briefcase or purse and take out your wallet to show id.

So too avoid the check in line entirely, use your computer at home to log in and check the status of the flight so you don’t have to go to the airport too soon if it is delayed. On your home computer, you can move your seat if possible and you can print your boarding pass and other important check in documents. By getting all of this done at home, you can skip the check in line entirely and proceed directly to the gate. Your homemade boarding pass will get you through security. Wanna more listing? you can find at direktori bisnis Indonesia.

If you have baggage, don’t overlook the convenience of street side check in. There you can check your bags quickly. Show your boarding pass and your bags are safe as you head off happily to find the coffee shop to relax before your flight.

In addition to getting away from crowd situations at the airport, think about securing your financial information before you even go to the airport. For one thing, you many of the cards and documents in your wallet do not need to go on the trip. You don’t need your ATM card, your library card or your social security card. You only need one credit card and your driver’s license. So go through your wallet and cut down on what you are taking on the road. It helps you travel lighter and safer.

But don’t stop there. In addition to removing cards at home so they cannot get stolen, also remove valuables from where thieves would expect to see it. Put most of your cash and credit cards in your checked baggage or on a money belt under your clothing. You can still carry a wallet but it will only have enough cash for the day of travel and no additional documentation. If you needed your driver’s license or credit card for check in, go to the bathroom and tuck them away.

Along with these precautions, stay in a state of awareness about your personal effects as you travel. Watch your purse or briefcase and keep your head up at the terminal so if you see suspicious behavior, you can stay away from it. By keeping your own safety at a high priority, traveling safe will become second nature.

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Tipping as a Business Strategy

Tipping is an odd practice primarily because it is common and expected in some professions and not at all in others. As adults, we become accustomed to tipping in the normal day in day out activity of our business and private lives.

But when it comes to tipping on a business trips, its best to think about the use of tipping as a common courtesy in light of your business trip and how it can be used to benefit you during the trip. To do that, think about the tip as a practice and why we tip. For the most part we do it because it is expected. If we think about how we tip at all, it is in the context that the tip is part of the server’s income and we want to help someone who did a good job for us.

But one of the best justifications for tipping comes down to nothing more than building a low level business relationship with the server so you can expect good service the next time you need it. On a business trip, you develop a lot of very short lasting relationships. But you want the best from those who can make your trip and your accommodations enjoyable and uneventful.

So if there is a hotel restaurant that you will be eating in each day, you know you will see that waiter and the staff of that restaurant again. A good tip policy can go a long way to assure that your service will be top notch every time you dine in that restaurant. This same principle applies to leaving a little tip for the cleaning crew who takes care of your room.

I had a situation in a fine hotel where I wanted the staff to leave me more than one package to make coffee in my in room coffee maker each day. Sure, I could have gone out and bought my own coffee. But on a business trip, you depend on being served so you can focus on your mission. So I left a note to the cleaning crew along with a nice tip. Each day I had more than the number of coffee packages left for me. Everybody wins in that situation.

Tipping is not a difficult skill to master. When tipping for a meal, you can write the tip directly onto your bill. Now when you order room service, there may be a question as to whether you should give the delivery person a tip for bringing the food. Often room service charges a fee for the service already. So in theory, you don’t need to tip that person. But remember, you may want good service in subsequent nights or in future stays. So slipping a tip to that delivery service person just to make sure they know that you appreciate good service makes sense.

When tipping taxi drivers or the hotel doorman, it’s appropriate to fold the money in the palm of your hand and hand it to him or her in the form of a handshake. If they are holding the door for you, they will look down to see you are giving a tip when your hand moves out. That moment of contact is important so they look at you and know you recognize their good service and remember you for future reference.

The amount of tips is pretty much standard. 15% is a standard tip for most meals or for the taxi drive. $1 per bag is standard for a doorman or bellhop who is helping you with your bags. Now if you only have one bag, it might be a good idea to bump that up a bit. Never tip with change, always with folded bills.

Preparing for tipping as you travel is part o your preparations. You should assure you have plenty of small denomination bills even before you leave for the airport, as it is common to need to tip shuttle drivers and waiters at the airport or even the stewardess on board the airplane if you buy a drink from her (or him). As your business trip progresses, keep an eye on your cash levels so you have plenty of spare cash for additional tipping. Business travel is a tipping intensive experience and you should be prepared so you don’t find yourself embarrassed and unable to reward those who make your trip more enjoyable along the way.

Review Pokemon Go for Android and iOS

GO Pokemon is a game of travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon for Android and iPhone devices. With Pokémon GO, you will find many types of Pokemon in coaching. Pokemon GO Hack was developed by Niantic’s Real World Gaming platform and will use real location / GPS to find Pokemon. Pokemon GO allows for the player to catch more than one hundred types of Pokémon that are scattered all over the world.

GO Pokemon games using real world locations such as Hokkaido, Kanto (Japan), New York and Paris as inspiration location of the game in progress. Explore different cities and even around the world to capture as many Pokemon as you can. When walking around, the smartphone will vibrate indicating that you’re near the location Pokémon.

pokemon go

Upon encountering a Pokémon, you can take the shot and throw the ball Pokemon (Poke-Ball) to catch it. But not all pokemon can be easily captured, they can also run. PokéStops is a place to get items pokeball and other items located in special places, such as monuments, historical markers, and public art.

Features Pokemon GO ANDROID / IPHONE

GO Pokemon game has many interesting features that will make you “feel at home” to play, ranging from feature Customize Trainer, Pokedex, participated in the team, the battle pokemon, pokemon Go Plus, etc. Following are the features GO Pokemon game features more:


Before playing, you can design the player character according to your personality by giving him a wide range of accessories to make it look cool. No character guys and girls that can be used. In addition, the characters you create will be visible to other players.


In Pokémon GO, you will become a Pokemon Trainer, and the higher level you will be able to catch Pokemon more powerful to complete the Pokedex. It also will have access to more powerful items, such as Great Balls, to give it a better chance of catching Pokemon. Continue to explore and confront to level up your Pokemon.

Some wild Pokémon will appear only in certain places near where you live or worldwide. For example, some types of pokemon Water may appear only near lakes and oceans. Pokemon Pokemon can evolve into Poliwhirl Poliwag example, is also a solution for the difficulties you catch Poliwhirl directly.

Benefits Mask Pear fruit

Benefits mask Pear fruit
Benefits mask Pear fruit

Benefits mask Pear fruit – fruit as the best medicine has been the fact that reliable from time immemorial. One glass of juice every day can make you so much better.

Likewise, body care issues. Massage or facial might face has become the trend of the last decade. Some people today have been more cautious with the use of chemicals on the skin for long-term effects. For this reason, many people returned vying care for her by using materials that can be obtained in the kitchen.

Fruit contains hydrate useful to rejuvenate facial skin. Not only that, the fruit is also very safe for use as a base for skin and facial treatments.

Almost everyone knows about the pear. Pears are usually used for desserts. Not many know that it turns in a pear there is a wide range of content of nutrients that are beneficial for treating skin.

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Pears contain a lot of magnesium, flavonoids, vitamin K, A, and B.
Research produced a summary concerning avail pear to advance, zatnya really good for facial skin metabolism system.

To take advantage of the content of the pear as a facial skin care, facial treatments you can do yourself at home. The steps are really easy. You just know what materials can be used for fruit mixed with this one.

The step here most types of pears wear masks for skin whitening:

Destroy pears until creamed. Can also with a blender
Imbuhkan egg white or honey may or may yogurt
Apply on the face with a brush until evenly throughout the face and neck
Let stand until dry
Clean your face with warm water

This natural wear face masks at least 2 times a week, then you’ll feel that is natural is not inferior to that in the salon beauty salon

Steps to make a mask pear else is as follows:

Prepare the pears were just the size. Clean up clean and scar along his skin.
Prepare one tablespoon of milk powder
Prepare two tablespoons of rice flour ready

Step pear wear masks to whiten skin:

Mix all the ingredients: grated pear, milk powder, rice flour. Stir until the pasta. If still dilute, you can add more milk powder and flour beras.Oleskan evenly throughout the surface of the face. Allow to dry approximately 30 minutes. After cleaning, rinse with plain water.

How to Make Jicama Mask to Whiten Face

How to Make Jícama mask to whiten face. One of the tubers that white is indeed often used as a base material for beauty products that are believed to brighten the skin naturally. And one of the works that has been widely demonstrated is the process into a mask for the face.

How to Make Jícama mask to whiten face
How to Make Jícama mask to whiten face

To get the product masks are made from yam is not difficult, it is very barfariasi of the brand, type size, even the price that it can be adapted to our wishes. But if you want maximum results you can create your own with a very easy way is also economical because the yam was sold at relatively low prices. Besides being more economical, in terms of time and cleanliness will be maintained if we know the manufacturing process.

Why yam can make the transition to our skin making it more white and shining? Because the content is owned mostly water chestnuts 86-90 percent. The fact of fruit including nutritious tuber transform your skin color becomes brighter with low prices and guarantee satisfactory. Cara membuat masker bengkoang

From all the goodness of the fruit content of yam one of which is excellent for moisturizing the skin that give a good effect when used as a mask for the face. Even for a special facial soap, moisturizing cream or lotion-based until the yam also provide the same efficacy as lightening.

One university in Wurzburg in Germany mentioned that one of the researchers from Indonesia named Endang Lukitaningsih been doing research on yam and mentioned that the content of yam which most of the liquid has been arranged in vitamin C, saponins and flavonoids which are one of the natural substances to prophylactic exposure sunscreen and these substances berdungsi to prevent damage to the skin cells from free radicals that are the main cause of skin damage around us.

So much the content of the goodness of yam that has been mentioned and there was still more, the phenolic content which is beneficial to the skin in inhibiting melanin that makes the skin become darker due to exposure to direct sunlight. Moreover, it can Blemishes acne scars and pigmentation due to hormones network.

Want to immediately try out how the efficacy of this yam fruit? Please prepare some tools and materials to follow the steps which will be explained in making masks jicama very useful to whiten the face.
How to Make a Face Mask Of Yam
Take a large yam fruit, wash them clean.
Remove the outer skin to make it easier to be shredded.
After yam clean, grate until smooth.
Take water from the grated yam in a way blackmailed. Separate and discard the waste water.
Let stand a few moments until the results of juice settles.
Take the results of sludge and waste water contained thereon. Simply take the sludge to be used as a mask yam. These deposits can be stored in a dry place in order to precipitate into a dry powder.
Prepare a clean water or rose water to use masks yam.

psychological effect due to Barren

psychological effect due to Barren
psychological effect due to Barren

Have children is the biggest hope for the second married couple who recently got married. However, many couples who experience emotional disorders psychologically while knowing that one of them is not fertile.

The problem of infertility is indeed having an impact on the emotional effects of married couples, even not rarely also can affect your career and personal life. The following are a number of psychological effects that might occur on a difficult spouse has children:

1. emotional Effect on female couples

Women may be one of the most vulnerable parties are having emotional problems. For them, just the presence of a anaklah who can give you all the happiness. Depression in women who suffer from infertility equivalent of depression in patients suffering from cancer or heart disease.

2. The psychological effect on men’s pairs

Most men are better able to maintain and keep your emotions and failed to express their grief. Men think that they should become strong in the family and thus they never showed signs of weakness. They came to support and entertain their female partner even though he actually alike were devastated. However, the problem typically occurs when the man knows that he has the problem of infertility. As men, they feel hurt and likely to change so wild. It occasionally affects the relationship of husband and wife in the family.

3. Effect on couples and others

Infertility has a huge psychological impact on the relationship of married couples. They feel responsible for every hardship another person or couple. When they could not blame each other, the quarrel will burst on the silly stuff and things get worse. But the opposite can also happen. This problem will probably make the pair became closer and strengthen their relationship because both feel the sadness.

4. Effects on the family

The emotional effects of infertility on the family as a whole cannot be ruled out. Most couples usually fail to understand what the problem actually happened and start blaming the woman. Avoid blaming each other for. Both couples or families should support each other, because no one wanted to experience this.

Although it is very difficult to deal with the emotions of the mind, You have to be patient with the issue. Infertility can be completely cured by medical treatment. If you are suffering from infertility to consult a obstetrician immediately.

Myths and Facts About Men Infertility

myths and facts about men Infertility
myths and facts about men Infertility

Although we often hear news about old men who can still impregnate the female, but the fact is precisely the numbers prove that the incidence of infertility or infertility in men. To find out more about infertility in men, refer to the explanation of Dr. Rashmi Sharma, consultant Fertility IVF, at Moolchand &:

1. Myth: Infertility is a problem for women.
Fact: “this is not true. In fact, about 40 percent of infertility problems are caused by men, “said Sharma. penyebab mandul

2. Myth: stress is one of the main causes of infertility.
Fact: Wrong. In fact, the stress only affects a person’s sex arousal but not the quality or quantity of semen. Thus will not cause infertility. “So, if you’ve had good sexual relationships and Your partner but still not pregnant, then immediately search for medical help,” he said.

3. Myth: Keeping the testes remain cold will improve the quality of semen (sperm).
Fact: Wrong. Cool the testes with the use of ice is not only dangerous but also ineffective. But, wearing tight clothes and prolonged driving should be avoided because it increases the temperature of the scrotum and affect sperm quality due to heat and radiation. “For example, assuming the laptop for too long, often a hot bath or sauna is no good for sperm and proven by many studies can reduce sperm count,” he said.

4. Myth: Only old men who have problems of infertility.
Fact: no, even young men can have infertility problems are severe. According to Sharma, the absence of sperm or a very low sperm count can be found at the age of 20 years.

5. Myth: is smoking and drinking causes infertility in men?
Fact: this is not a myth. Stop smoking and reduce drinking alcohol is very beneficial because both are known to be poisoned sperm.

6. Myth: nutritional supplements do not help in improving the quality of sperm.
Fact: anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium can help improve sperm count, but only up to a certain limit.

7. Myth: cell phone stashed in his pocket transmitting electromagnetic waves, damaging the quality of sperm.
Fact: “it’s not always true. Because of these concerns have yet to be demonstrated with greater research, “he said.

Do Not Fall Asleep During Too Long!

Do Not Fall Asleep During Too Long!
Do Not Fall Asleep During Too Long!

Getting enough sleep is indeed one of the key to maintaining healthy body and soul. However, don’t make it a habit to take a NAP too long because the result is bad for the heart.

The researchers found, a long NAP and taste excessively sleepy during the day is associated with an increased risk of a collection problem called metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is characterized by the combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar levels, as well as excessive fat around the waist.

People who have metabolic syndrome disorders particularly vulnerable are having heart disease and diabetes as well.

In an analysis of the results of the 21 studies involving 307,000 people, it is known that those who NAP less than 40 minutes did not have an increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

In contrast, those who NAP more than 40 minutes, even about 90 minutes, the risks are having metabolic syndrome rises to 50 percent.

A long nap time was most likely triggered by excessive drowsiness during the day or fatigue.

The research results will be presented in a meeting of the American College of Cardiology is indeed just found the link between the duration of the NAP and the metabolic syndrome, not a causal relationship.

“Sleep is essential in a healthy lifestyle. A short NAP will benefit positively to health, “said Dr. Tomohide Yamada, diabetes expert at the University of Tokyo who conducted the study.